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Came across a helpful parenting tip in the calendar the other day ...

"Dad? We're out of binkies but
don't worry, I'm ordering more!"

September 4-5, 2005


SHERMAN, Maine -- A parade float featuring Samuel Roland Davenport Lerley, the Best Baby Ever, easily defeated all other entries in both the Baby Parade and the Old Home Days Parade, the only parade in Maine that goes around twice, to claim three prizes in total: Baby Parade Best Entry and Old Home Days Parade Best Entry and Most Creative Entry.

The float, entitled "Rub-A-Dub Dub/Sammy's In The Tub," depicted Sammy seated in a bathtub, complete with foam, bubbles and a shower head. It was cheerily pulled by Mary Willigar, attired in coordinating bathrobe and shower cap. Tara Scholz, Tanya Lerley and Jackie Davenport designed the float, though honestly the theme was my idea and I think everyone should know that because, after all, we won everything. The float was built by Mike Lerley and Roland Davenport and decorated to the nines by the winning Davenport Sisters.

Sam thoroughly enjoyed his championship trips around the parade route, choosing to alternate between sucking his binky and chewing on a duck. When asked for comment, he smiled and waved. At a tree.

Pictures available at:

Samuel Roland Davenport Lerley was born November 18th at 3:59 PM by cesarian section. He weighed 7 lbs 3 oz and was 20 1/2 inches long. As you can see below, he is the most wonderful, beautiful, perfect baby ever conceived!

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Old videos:

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Fed by Grammie [2.4MB]
Gram holding [5.3MB]
Gram holding 2 [3.9MB]
Grandpapa holding [4.0MB]

Sleeping in Dad's lap [9.4MB]
Dancing with Auntie Tara [5.2MB]

360 degree nursery view [17.2MB]

Bathing [11.7MB]
Bathing 2 [6.4MB]

Bathing [28.6MB]
Bathing 2 [8.3MB]

Just being Sam [30.5MB]

Still being Sam [40.4MB]

Frog suit and Milo Says Hi [50.6MB]

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